IEP Australia Ltd is part of a worldwide network of companies and partner organisations focused on helping people have amazing overseas work abroad experiences. Our parent company BUNAC, which is headquartered in Britain, has been in the youth travel industry for over 40 years, specializing in work and volunteer abroad programs.

IEP Mission Statement

Empowering life-changing personal growth through international work and travel experiences.

IEP Core Values

Customer Obsessed

Our participants are our number one priority. We are dedicated to going the extra mile and ensuring that they receive all the support they need to make their working holiday experience life-changing!

Passionate Expertise

All of the IEP Staff have either lived and worked in a foreign country or experienced extensive global travel and as such are experts on the countries that we offer working holiday support for. We share that expertise with our participants to make sure they are as prepared as can be to travel to their future working holiday destinations.


We believe, wholeheartedly, that being transparent in everything we do is integral to ensuring we are delivering on our mission. Therefore, we will work continually to ensure that we communicate clearly within our team, with our partners and our participants.


Our partnerships are a core part of how we operate and collaboration with our partners, participants and employers at home and abroad. We will continue to foster these relationships and look to develop new ones as we understand they are important for growth.


Brenda Hartnell – Accounts

Brenda Hartnell looks after our accounts and is responsible for making the company tick day in day out and allowing us to do what we do! The most important thing to her is her family and when she isn’t at work making sure we don’t burn the place down she is usually walking Barney the family dog, volunteering as a Community Patrol officer or spending time tending to her garden.

Countries Traveled – 6

Claudia Forman – Working Holiday Expert

Claudia Works as a part of our sales team as a Working Holiday Expert so is your person to talk to about anything work abroad related! This seasoned US traveller has done two separate working holidays in America – a season at summer camp and a year working for Disney! Claudia has many tips for the prospective working holiday maker about saving, where to start with visa applications, how to find work and how not spend all day on a bus to get to Miami only to turn right back around and come back. Claudia also loves heading to the beach and going on road trips – better yet a road trip to a beach is always on the cards!

Countries Traveled – 11

Gareth Mangu – Marketing & Sales Manager

Gareth Mangu aka “IT Guy” is our in house digital marketing expert and pitches in with the sales team when needed. Gareth did 12 months in New York City working a few different jobs and has been back almost 4 years. There isn’t a day that goes by that he isn’t yearning to go back!

Countries Traveled – 12

Hannah Dillon – Working Holiday Operations Manager

Hannah Dillon manages IEP’s inbound and outbound programs and the people who work in them. Hannah is a former Work Britain participant and followed in the footsteps of thousands of Kiwi’s and Aussies and lived in the UK for 2 years before coming back and spending the last 7 years at IEP. Hannah loves learning about peoples plans in new countries because there is always somewhere new to explore!

Countries Traveled – 29

Jason D’Costa – Europe & Japan Program Coordinator

Jason is one of our most recent recruits into the Work Abroad world. After recently returning from a Working Holiday in the UK, Jason was desperate to be apart of the movement to get people around the world, experiencing and immersing themselves in other cultures in a way a regular holiday can’t. Jason loves getting out and about in nature, capturing special moments with his Camera and watching a bit of sport. He also appears to love ‘almost’ losing his passport in foreign countries – purely because he’s done it twice before in Prague and Morocco!

Countries traveled – 21

Mathew Dwyer – Senior Working Holiday Program Coordinator

Mathew ‘Diamond’ Dwyer, AKA ‘Mat with one T’, our resident Aussie was a camp counsellor at Camp Wah-Nee in Connecticut for 5 years running! He specialised as a pitching coach because he has a heck of a throwing arm. 5 years at camp makes him an expert in everything summer camp related but its his athletic background that gives him an edge in the sport section of a pub quiz.

Countries Traveled – 14

Myles Whittaker – Working Holiday Expert

Myles feels super fortunate to have visited many incredible places, but the most recent two year stint in Canada has been the most rewarding. Canada’s diversity both physical and cultural are the things that make Canada so special to Myles. For fun Myles loves to play music, sports and do almost every outdoor activity! The most exciting thing about working for IEP is working in such a dynamic industry helping people experience the same things that he has been able to do in his own travels.

Countries traveled – 17

Nick Matthews – Senior Working Holiday Program Coordinator

Nick Matthews is our newest Canada expert after recently returning from 2 year period living in Canada.  Nick lived in Sunset beach in the heart of Downtown Vancouver and loves to have a chat about his time in Canada! Nick loves working for IEP because it allows him to ship people off on experiences that he knows are going to be life changing for them. He is also a sports-nut and loves a good feed!

Countries traveled – 29

Natalie Robinson – Business Development Manager

Natalie Robinson – our Business Development Manager – has been with IEP since 2015 in different positions and has worked in travel for 20 years! Nat is in charge of fostering relationships with organisations across the country. She is also our resident Brit which means she has sung the song “It’s Coming Home” at least once in her life.

Countries Traveled – 34

Ross Carrel – Finance Manager

Ross – our longest standing team member having been with IEP since 2008 – loves how we help so many people travel the world and enjoys the company culture here. Ross’ favourite place in the world to visit is Vietnam for the amazing culture and incredible food. When Ross isn’t busy traveling the world or attending the Commonwealth games he is out fishing chasing the “big” one!

Countries Traveled – 32

William Larsen – Work Canada Program Coordinator

Will spent a year at the Manitoba resort town of Asessippi and couldn’t rave more about the experience he had. The yarns this man will spin about the small town in the middle of Canada are the thing of legend. Will has a long history in the travel industry and the only thing that matters to him is that you have a good time when you get to wherever you are going.

Countries traveled – 13