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Having a smooth application process is important to us! We are upfront with all costs and provide a comprehensive screening phone call ensuring you know how the program works. We try and answer all your questions and then provide you with our expert travel materials that will prepare you for your next step. Our entire application process is outlined below for you to review.

Be aware that there are some dodgy companies out there that will try and pressure you into applying. Always read the T&C’s and beware of all the costs. If the costs aren’t listed on the company’s website – we recommend walking away.

At IEP, we pride ourselves in offering the best customer service on the market – if you aren’t happy after the initial phone call we will refund you in full.

Step 1

Apply online:
To get the ball rolling on your Trainee/Intern application you need to Register Interest in the Work USA Career Training Program. A member of the IEP team will be in touch to check your eligibility and then provide you with the details to complete your application for the program and pay your program deposit.

Step 2

Welcome Call:
After payment is made we will give you a call to welcome you to the program, make sure you are eligible and send you the next round of documentation that you will need to have filled out and arrange an interview.

Step 3

Application & Training Plan:
Send your completed application, along with all of the necessary supporting documents, into us. While you’re completing your application, your supervisor will complete your online training plan. You will pay the first half of your program fee here.

Step 4

Vetting by our visa sponsor:

Once we have your complete application and training plan, we submit them to CIEE, our visa sponsor. They will vet your application, training plan and host organisation.

Step 5

Visa Documents Processed:

Once CIEE has approved your application, and you have paid the second half of your program fee, they will ship the documents necessary for your visa application to us. We will then send them to you, with full instructions on how to apply for the visa.

Step 6

Online Visa Application:
Following our instructions, you will complete the visa application, and pay the US Consulate fee ($160USD), and then book your consulate appointment.

Step 7

US Consulate Interview:

You will attend a US Consulate interview where they will ask about your intentions in the USA. The consulate will hold onto your passport and DS-2019 form for up to 4 business days (sometimes longer during busy periods). During this time they will insert the J-1 visa into your passport, and courier your documents back to you.

Step 8


This is the ideal time to purchase your flights. We get great flight deals through STA Travel which you can take advantage of here:

Step 9


Before you leave, you will need to complete CIEE’s online pre-departure, which should take about 40 minutes and will give you plenty of information about your visa obligations, as well as advice for life in the USA.

Once you’ve completed your pre-departure, and received your passport with the J-1 visa and your DS-2019 back from the consulate, you’re ready to head over to the US to start your training!

Still have a few questions before applying? If you would like some clarification on anything at all, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch within 1-2 working days, by phone and email, to answer any questions you might have.

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