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IEP Insurance FAQ’s

INSURANCE FAQ’S – (Plan A – Comprehensive)

Q. Will I be covered for skiing and snowboarding?
A. Yes; while other insurance policies will classify these as adventure activities and require an extra premium, we cover these activities automatically – as well as a range of other activities such as white-water rafting, ballooning, bungy jumping and horse riding.

Q. Is my digital camera covered? And what about my laptop?
A. Yes; cameras, video equipment and computers are covered up to $3,000.

Q. Is my Ipod covered?
A. Yes; under unspecified items – up to $750.

Q. Is emergency medical/hospital treatment covered?
A: In most instances yes. If you’re concerned about any exceptions, be sure to check out our policy details here.

Q. Are my skis or snowboard covered?
A. Yes; although not while in use or if left unattended.

Q. What if I’m having a fabulous time and don’t want to come home?
A. You can extend your travel insurance while you’re overseas by simply contacting IEP by phone or email at least 7 days before your policy expires. If you leave it too late you will have to buy a new policy overseas – even if you can find a travel insurance policy that you can take out after your trip has started, it will cost much more and you will not be covered for the period between policies

Q. I have mild asthma, is it covered?
A. Yes, if you haven’t had an attack requiring attention by a medical practitioner in the past 12 months prior to the policy issue or if you’re not using steroid or prescription medication.

Q. How do I extend my policy?
A. Easy – all you need to do is call or email IEP at least 10 days before your policy expires and we can extend the cover for you. So you can continue adventuring!