Our aim is to ensure that you have an amazing Summer Camp experience in the USA and that takes a lot of effort! Despite that, Summer Camp USA offers some of the lowest program fees on the market. If you were to compare us with some of the other summer camp companies you will save up to $225 with us, so why pay more? Not only do you pay less with us, but you get a higher camp salary which you can review here!

We have a super simple pricing structure where you pay as you go through the motions. No big up front costs! If you want to discuss your payment options you can contact us or call us on 1300 797 702.

Step 1 – Pay your Deposit

The first step to starting your American Camp Adventure this year is to finish your application and pay your deposit. Once you’ve done that, our Camp Coordinator will be in touch to get the ball rolling within a day or two!

Deposit – $99 AUD

Step 2 – Complete your Camp Application

Your Summer Camp Application is what all the Camps in America that are hiring will use to determine if your personality, skill set and experience is going to be a good fit for their camp. Its crucial to get this right! Once you’re ready to submit your application – our Camp Coordinator will give it a final once over and give you the all clear. Its at this point you will pay your Application Acceptance fee.

Application Acceptance Fee – $200 AUD

Step 3 – Interview and Secure Job

Now its your time to shine! Your personality, skills and experience have impressed a camp and they are keen to call you for a chat. That is your opportunity to bring the words in your application to elife and blow them away! Once you’ve done that and they have offered you your camp role – your final placement fee payment is due!

Placement Fee – $200 AUD

Total: $499

This includes the Application Fee/ Acceptance Fee/ Placement & Insurance Fee 


These are costs to consider that are related to the program (not paid to Summer Camp USA). Remember that you will be responsible for your own flights, visa costs and savings. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect.

USA Visa Fee

J1 Visa fee: $160USD
Reciprocal Passport Fee: $105USD

Proof of funds

$400USD – a required amount of savings you will need to support yourself upon arrival


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There is a fair bit of information to absorb there so if it doesn’t quite make sense, don’t stress it! Why don’t you touch base with one of our camp experts to walk you through the financials. Fill out a few details below and we will be in touch within a day or two!

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