– Summer Camp USA is now closed for 2020 –


– Summer Camp USA is now closed for 2020 –


So you are interested in working at a summer camp in America and want to start an application! Your first step is to make sure you meet the program and visa requirements. To see if you are eligible just review the requirements below. If you are confused or are unsure with any of the requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

You are likely to be eligible for Summer Camp USA if you:

  • Are aged between 18-30 years (18 must show excellent leadership experience and have great skills);
  • Australian or New Zealand passport holder – for other nationalities contact us;
  • No criminal convictions;
  • Like children and have experience with them (see below), ideally in a leadership role;
  • Available for at least 8-10 weeks from mid-June. Most camp contracts start before 21st June;
  • Are cheerful, energetic, friendly, hard-working, tolerant, flexible, conscientious, caring, reasonably gregarious, uncomplaining and able to adapt to camp life including the long hours, rules and curfews;
  • Have some skills or qualifications in one or more of the camp activity areas. Your chances of being placed are higher if your skills and qualifications are in one of the areas highlighted as being in high demand;

Now that you know you are eligible for Summer Camp USA, find out how much money you can make with us!

Experience with children

It is important that you have some previous experience of working or interacting with children. The level of experience needed for camp varies and could be anything from helping out at a club, to teaching your own sports lessons, all depending on the individual needs of the camp.

You may be able to gain more experience and thereby improve your chances, simply by asking in your local community, at schools and weekend clubs if they need any help.

If you are unsure of whether your skills or experience meet the requirements for the program, please get in contact with the Summer Camp USA coordinator at IEP for further information or clarification. Please contact us or call the team on 1300 797 702.

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Eligibility is tricky no matter what kind of working holiday you are going on – throw some childcare into the mix and it becomes this whole other thing!  Fill out a few details below and we will be in touch to clear everything up before you make any financial commitments!

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