INTERN USA Terms & Conditions

IEP’s USA programs have developed over many years. Their success is due in large part to the positive relationship among employers, program participants and IEP’s partner organisations. To help us to protect the interests of IEP participants and to safeguard the existence of the program for future students, it is essential that all parties play their roles in a responsible and mutually supportive manner.

  • The people and organisations that work together to operate USA Career Training (USACT) include:
  • IEP: We handle things this side of the Pacific.
  • CIEE (Council for International Educational Exchange): The US J-1 Visa Sponsor who provides your support services during your participation on the program. They must approve all employment and are ultimately responsible for your program participation and welfare whilst you are in the USA.
  • Host Organisation: We remind host organisations of their obligations to USACT participants and ask them to treat you fairly and reasonably.
  • You: We expect you to act as responsible employees and program participants and to abide by the program conditions. Therefore we ask you to read the following conditions and sign at the bottom to confirm that you have understood them and agree to them.
    The DS-2019 (certificate of eligibility for Exchange Visitor J-1 visa), an integral component of the USACT program, imposes three interlinked sets of conditions.

These are:

  1. IEP’s USACT program conditions and eligibility requirements
  2. The J-1 Sponsor (CIEE) conditions and regulations
  3. The US Government Exchange Visitor J-1 Visa and SEVIS requirements.

Details of participants’ responsibilities in relation to these components are contained in the program Terms and Conditions.
Before applying for the USACT program, you must accept the following program Terms and Conditions, including the cancellation refund policy. Please read the following very carefully. It refers to conditions that you are agreeing to by making this application. If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions please contact IEP at 1300 797 702.

Terms and Conditions:

I, being the person applying for the USACT program, hereby confirm that I have read and understood the information on the USACT website. I agree that my application to, and participation in, the USACT program, as operated by IEP Australia Ltd shall be governed by the following Terms and Conditions.

Program Fee and Program Conditions

The applicable program fee is payable when I submit my application.


I understand that:

  • All jobs must be approved by the Visa sponsor, CIEE, before I begin work.
  • Acceptance to the program includes approval for this job. My employer’s details will be printed on the DS-2019 section 1/line 4.
  • If I change jobs, before or after arrival in the US, I must receive permission to leave the old job and take the new job.
  • I must honour any contractual commitment to a US employer and must: a) abide by the terms of my contract, b) comply with all employer rules and company policies, c)behave honestly, courteously and responsibly.

SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System)

I agree to follow all instructions with regard to SEVIS, specifically:

  1. I will notify IEP immediately if my planned date of entry to the US changes forwards or backwards. A change in my arrival date may require a change in my DS-2019.
  2. I will notify IEP immediately if, after registering for the program, my passport details change in any way or I obtain a new passport. Your passport number details are held by CIEE and vital for you ‘initial validation’
  3. I will enter into the US prior to the expiry of my eligibility, to avoid forfeiture of my place on the program.
  4. I will call CIEE (i.e. provide accurate details of my American residential address, phone number and e-mail address plus employment data, if applicable) as soon as possible, but no later than 5 days after the FROM-date in section 3 of my DS-2019.
  5. I agree to provide a brief program assessment every when required by CIEE. This includes feedback from both me and my employer at the time. I understand that this is a program requirement.
  6. In addition, I will inform CIEE every time I change my residential address/contact information during the work phase of my program.
  7. I agree to a basic medical and liability insurance policy to be purchased on my behalf, with the program fee’s to meet all US Department of State visa requirements.
  8. If I cancel from the program, I agree to notify IEP and return the DS-2019 no later than the FROM-date of the DS-2019.

Exchange Visitor J1 Visa

In order to work legally in the United States I must process my DS-2019, once IEP has given it to me, to obtain an Exchange Visitor Program J-1 visa through a US consulate within Australia. The US government applies a separate charge for this process and I agree to pay this cost (approximately US$160), and any additional and/or new fees which the US government imposes. I also understand that US government fees are non-refundable even if my visa is denied by the US consulate. Furthermore I understand that:

  1. My DS-2019 work authorisation, allows me to work in the USA between the dates indicated in Section 3 on my DS-2019. In addition, I may remain in the USA without work authorisation (as a tourist) up to 30-days “grace period” after the TO-date in Section 3.
  2. Completion of an online pre departure orientation as specified by CIEE is compulsory for all USACT participants.
  3. Participants are responsible for all travel, personal or incidental expenses before, during and after the work commitment.
  4. It is an CIEE program condition, in accordance with the USCIS (United States Customs and Immigration Services) requirement, that all participants hold a return ticket to their home country at the end of their Exchange Visitor Program, prior to their Australian departure date.
  5. Any problems caused through my deviation from these and other Sponsor instructions are my own responsibility.
  6. Any false, misleading or withheld information on my Application Form and/or any inappropriate behaviour by myself during my participation on the program that in any way damages or brings into disrepute IEP, CIEE or the USACT program may be considered grounds for immediate cancellation of my application or further participation on the program without any refund.

I understand that if I fail to comply with any of these conditions at any time, my DS-2019 work authorisation may be terminated and I may be required by the Sponsor to leave the United States immediately. I have read and agree to abide by the terms of the Participant Agreement above and by the Program Terms and Conditions

  1. I must abide by the terms and conditions set by IEP’s relevant overseas host organisation, as advised in writing by IEP prior to departure from Australia.
  2. I must take with me evidence of access to at least the minimum funds required by the relevant country and host organisation’s rules.
  3. I must abide by the terms and conditions set by the individual companies and operators. These include airlines, insurance providers, ground transport operators and accommodation providers. If I am uncertain about these terms and conditions I must contact IEP prior to departure.
  4. I must advise IEP immediately of any changes to my confirmed travel dates. Additional charges may apply to change overseas bookings or reservations.
  5. I understand I cannot be accompanied by a spouse or dependents unless they are independently eligible for the USACT program
  6. I understand I must be 18 years of age or older.

Cancellation Policy

I understand and agree to the following cancellation penalties and conditions:

  1. Cancellations made before being interview by a IEP staff member will be subject to a full refund of the Application Fee.
  2. Cancellations made after being interviewed but before the first instalment of the programme fee is paid will be subject to a refund of the Application fee minus a $50 administration charge.
  3. For cancellations made after the first instalment of the programme fee has been paid, 50% of the amount of the program fee will be refunded.  However, in some circumstance as stated in subsequent clauses in this Cancellation Policy, no refund will be applicable.
  4. Cancellations made after the request for the DS-2019 has been lodged will not be eligible for a refund. If I withdraw from the program after receiving a DS-2019 I must immediately return this form to IEP together with my written cancellation. IEP will then return the DS-2019 to the program sponsor.
  5. Cancellations made within two weeks of departure or after departure from Australia will not be eligible for a refund.
  6. All applications which result in the applicable visa being declined for whatever reason will be deemed as cancelled and will not be eligible for a refund. Applicants acknowledge that a decline of visa can be attributed but not limited to applicants being previously arrested by police, having criminal convictions (including drink driving), being charged for an offence but not necessarily convicted and having significant medical/mental history/condition. Applicants who are concerned about the likelihood of their visa being declined should consult with IEP prior to paying the program fee.
  7. Cancellations and refunds of goods and services which are provided by suppliers other than IEP (airfares, travel insurance, airport transfers, accommodation, visas etc) will be at the discretion of the relevant suppliers and subject to the conditions set by those suppliers. Details are available from IEP.
  8. IEP reserves the right to cancel my application if any of the eligibility and program conditions are not met in full.
  9. All cancellations must be made in writing to IEP before any refund is approved.


    I have read and understood all the program conditions and eligibility requirements, and to the best of my knowledge I am eligible for the relevant visa and program for which I am applying. I further declare that all the statements I have made in my application are true. I recognise that any false declaration on my part may result in consequential expenditure. I agree to abide by all applicable government visa and passport rules and the program rules of IEP and the relevant overseas host organisation.’

    I understand that IEP is required to screen and select suitable applicants for the USACT program and will assess my suitability based on my application and an interview conducted by an IEP representative. I will only be accepted on the USACT program after the IEP assessment process has been completed. IEP’s decision is final.

    I agree to abide by all US Government visa and passport rules applicable to me and all the USACT rules of IEP and CIEE, including those set out in this application form and the program materials provided in Australia by IEP and in the USA by CIEE

    I understand IEP cannot guarantee the issuance of a visa. I am eligible for the USACT program and know of no reason why I may be refused a visa by the US Consulate

    I agree to comply with US Government visa application and SEVIS requirements. I understand that if I fail to comply with any program, sponsor or SEVIS conditions or if I behave in any way to bring the J1 program into disrepute, my program status may be terminated and I may be required to leave the USA immediately. Filling out the application form means that I have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.