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work-ski-canadaSo you want to work and travel in Canada!

Work Canada Job Fair jobs are for the North American winter ski season, start anywhere between October to December and last for around 5 months. To be eligible you need to be able to leave Australia in November or December and employers usually only hire applicants who can commit to 5 months of work.

You also need to be eligible for the Australian Working Holiday Program (AUWHP) to Canada. To be eligible you must satisfy in full the criteria listed below:


IMPORTANT: Please note that the allocation of working holiday visas for Canada has been filled for 2015. You can still apply and plan to depart in 2016. If you have any questions please call 03 9329 3866 or contact us here.)

Application timeframe: You can apply for the Work Canada Job Fair program before you apply for the Canadian Working Holiday Visa. The employers want you to start work at the end of November or early December, so you have lots of time to apply for the working holiday visa after your job interview has been completed.

You should allow at least 8-12 weeks for the complete process from submitting your initial application to having your visa issued; however it can take longer depending on if you have to attend an interview, have criminality, medical or background issues or if the processing time increases.

The Canadian High Commission require a criminal record form to be included with every visa application. This means all participants on the Work Canada and Work Canada Job Fair Program will have to submit this form with their visa application. The criminal record can take a month to get (officially 20 working days) and effectively adds 4- 6 weeks onto the application process. Please take this into consideration when selecting your desired departure date.