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How to Apply for Work Britain Pub Jobs

Applying for the Work Britain Pub Jobs program is easy! All you need to do is follow these steps to start your working holiday of a lifetime.

Step 1

Apply online:

Start your online Work Britain Pub Jobs application here.

Step 2

Welcome Phone Call:

After payment is made we will give you a call to welcome you to the program, find out your travel plans and answer any questions you may have.

Our placement team will then be in touch to talk to you about their process and answer any further questions you have.

Step 3

CV & Photos:

Our placement team want to hear about your work experience in hospitality/customer service! You will need to submit a CV and 2 recent photos.

Step 4

Screening Interview:

As part of our standard screening process, every successful applicant must complete a phone interview with our placement staff. During this call we will discuss your UK travel/work plans, talk about your previous experience, and explain all the details of our program in full. We’ll email you first (keep an eye on your junk folder) to confirm an interview time, but please let us know in advance what time suits you best!.

Step 5

We find you the perfect job!

We now know you a bit better, have your CV and understand what you are looking to gain from the experience. We will now find you that dream live in pub job!

Step 6

Visa Application:

Visa assistance is not included on this program. If you want wish to have assistance with your Youth Mobility or Ancestry visa you can apply for our Work Britain Visa Kickstart program.

On the Work Britain Visa Kickstart program we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the application. You will fill in your details, book a biometrics appointment (fingerprints and eye scan) and then pay the visa fee.

Once you have you visa application ready to go IEP will review your application to make sure there are no errors and then you will be good to attend your biometrics appointment and submit your application to the UK Border Agency.

NOTE: If the UK Border Agency finds an error on your application they will deny your application and not disclose where the error was made. You will have to re-submit the application and pay the visa fee again. IEP GUARANTEES you get the visa on the first go!

Criminal Record Form:
If you have ever been arrested, convicted or given diversion you will need to obtain a police check and additional documents to support your application. IEP will be able to advise how you should go about obtaining these. .

Step 7

Work Visa Issued:

Your passport will be returned back to you by the UK Border Agency. You will need to send IEP a copy of your work visa. We ask you to do this so we can review it to make sure it is issued for the right duration of time.

Step 8

Insurance & Flights:

Now that you have the work visa you will need to get travel insurance to cover you for your time overseas. IEP has comprehensive policies on offer. For a quote please contact us at [email protected]

Lindsay, our in-house STA Travel agent, is an expert on travel requirements for working holidays. Contact Lindsay to find out about flights, tours, accommodation and more on 03 9329 3866 or [email protected]