Our Pubs

pulling-pints-ukWe’ve got over 500 UK pubs ready to hire you!

Our network of pubs range from English countryside hotels, Scottish resorts, rural gastro pubs, sports bars, restaurants and pubs in almost every major city in the UK!

What to expect on Work Britain Pub Jobs

Having a pub job arranged all before you leave Australia is a great way to start your working holiday. Working in hospitality is face paced and hard work – but also a lot of fun.

Job Types & Locations

With over 500 pubs to work with – we’ve got something for everyone!

Traditional Pubs

If a touch of history is something you would be interested in we have you covered! Some of our pubs have been in operation of 100’s of year.

Gastro Pubs

These employers focus on serving high quality food, while still very traditional in appearance. Gastro pubs are becoming very popular in the UK.

Countryside Pubs

Cities aren’t for everyone which is why we offer quiet, peaceful country side pubs removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. Countryside pubs often tend to be the most fun to work for as you get to know the locals and experience true British culture.

City Pubs

Always popular, City pubs offer a fun working environment for those who like it fast paced. Keep in mind that London based pubs usually require you to be; in your mid-twenties & have bar/pub experience. Remember that big cities have a higher cost of living!